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This is a viewer petition requesting HBO Network to allow a Season 3 for the phenomenal series, "UNDERGROUND." This series had  profound effect in the lives of many viewers, especially those who did not know or completely understand its historical significance in the changing landscape of American History. The storyline, cast, writers, producers, directors and creators did an outstanding job in bringing quality television to its viewership, many who typically do not watch much television. "UNDERGROUND" was inspirational and motivational in providing a glimpse of the possibilities when humanity unifies for a cause greater than ourselves. 

These powerful performances have made our lives more grateful and proud. The strength and beauty outshines the harshness of certain portions of the storyline. We LIVE for Wednesdays in anticipation for what will happen in the next episode! HBO Network, do well by your loyal viewers and show us that your network cares about us and providing quality television programming. The world needs Season 3 of "UNDERGROUND"! 


Phyllis Montana-Leblanc

New Orleans, Louisiana