PETITION: SacPD: Temporarily Allocate a Police Camera Trailer to McClatchy Park

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For months, Oak Park residents have aired our grievances about the safety of local children and park-goers. Unfortunately our voices have fallen on deaf ears and on Tuesday April 12th - there was a shooting in the park in broad daylight. This tragedy could have and should have been avoided.  The City of Sacramento owns several "Mobile Police Observation Devices" or PODS which are essentially camera surveilance systems on wheels that are attached to a generator. The city claims that the primary goal of these devices is to serve as a "highly visible crime deterrent." The Chief of Police was quoted by CBS13 saying that the cameras are, "like another set of eyes, almost like another officer on the street, watching and seeing what’s going on.” That being said - its insulting that the City hasn't provided the Oak Park Community with the resources that are already available. Each time we voice our concerns we are told that there isnt enough money or resources to go around.   My proposal is simple and should not cost much as we already own the equipment.  Sign this petition to DEMAND THAT CITY HALL AND SACPD TEMPORARILY ALLOCATE A MOBILE CAMERA TRAILER TO MCCLATCHY PARK to put everyone on notice: THE PARK BELONGS TO THE CHILDREN OF THIS COMMUNITY. This low-cost approach should put families at ease and will buy us time to figure out a more long-term solution. Update 4/14: Council member Jay Schenirer's office (D5) has commented via Facebook that a more permanent 360 camera is being installed soon, though no ETA was provided. This POD can be installed TODAY if we demand action! Even when the new cameras are installed, I believe that the POD can still play an effective role in making the park a safer environment and should be committed for a period of no less than 45 days or until the end of Baseball season.

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