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Remove Page 3 from the UK's most popular newspaper 'The Sun'

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"With the recent Murdoch scandal, the enquiry into the culture and ethics of the press, Government concern over the 'sexualisation of children', and the subsequent Lib Dem Party vote to adopt a motion to end the projection of women as sex objects in newspapers, now is the perfect time to step up our lobbying to get rid of the Page 3 phenomena." (OBJECT)

"Dr Evan Harris joins the ranks of deputy Labour leader Harriet Harman, equalities minister Lynne Featherstone and former Cabinet minister Clare Short in calling for a Page 3 ban." (The Sun)

As a cultural icon Page 3 symbolises the acceptance and normalisation of the sexual objectification of women and girls that pervades our daily newspapers and popular culture, and therefore, ultimately, symbolises and contributes to our unequal status.

The death of sexism is a battle not yet won in this country, and the proliferation of this image of women and girls within our mainstream press is perpetuating and fueling it by, at best; encouraging and endorsing negative attitudes towards us and within us and, at worst; acts of violence committed against us. All of which grossly limit our choices, stall our progress and violate our human rights.

We demand that the government addresses the subject of Page 3 today, and by doing so demonstrates to society that it is serious about stamping out sexism once and for all.  We cannot waste any more time and we will not wait any longer.  The government either values and respects the female half of humanity or it doesn't, and the removal of Page 3 would be a momentous step in the right direction in proving to society that is does.

Together we must work to eradicate all forms of sexism in order for women to become politically, socially, economically and personally equal to men.  We cannot be a progressive and prosperous society otherwise.

Turn Your Back On Page 3.

DEMAND a socially responsible media.


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