Petition - Members of Congress - Expel The "Honorable" George Santos

Petition - Members of Congress - Expel The "Honorable" George Santos

January 3, 2023
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Why this petition matters

It is widely reported in the media, and in many cases documented, that Congressman George Santos lied about his eduction, employment, heritage, religion, wealth, residence, charitable works, criminal past, and more to get elected. A comprehensive list of claims made by and about Santos appears on

If some of these claims are found to be true by competent authority, then George Santos should be expelled from Congress. Only his peers in Congress can do this. And we must demand, regardless of political party, that they expel him.

It has been reported that members of Congress knew Santos to be a fraud and joked about it. Apparently if they do not expel him, they make this joke on us–the American people!

In August 2022, the Politicians Honor Code and Pledge Campaign ("I will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do") were launched in an effort to prevent dishonest individuals from serving or being elected to represent us. We must demand that our elected representatives take, sign, and submit the pledge to the public database. They won't do it on their own!

Please sign and share this petition with other concerned Americans! 


We demand that elected representatives be trustworthy, honest, and honorable in their words and deeds and in representing us. Therefore, we demand that each member of Congress do the following:

1)    Promptly conduct, or have conducted on the member’s behalf, impartial investigations and hearings into the history, activities, and statements of George Santos and promptly make the entire findings public. 

2)    Immediately make prominent, unambiguous statements about Santos on the member’s website or other public forum, keep these statements current, and as long as Santos is a member of Congress allow these statements to be publicly available, including the following:

a.     Any and all direct and indirect affiliations and/or activities the member had or has with Santos; if none, state “None”

b.      Any and all direct and indirect financial and nonfinancial support the member gave or currently gives to Santos; if none, state “None”

c.     Any and all formal or informal understandings or agreements the member has made with Santos, if none, state “None”

3)    Promptly vote to expel Santos if it is found by any competent group that Santos lied, made false statements, misled, or committed any violation of a rule or law anywhere in the world before campaigning, while campaigning, or while in public office;­­ a censure, reprimand, or fine is insufficient.

4)    Take affirmative action to demonstrate trust and honesty in the member and Congress as a body by pledging, signing, and abiding by the Politicians Honor Code which states in essence, “I (name) pledge to my constituents…that…I will not lie, cheat, steal or tolerate those who do….” found at and by submitting the properly executed pledge for inclusion in the public database.







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Signatures: 1,044Next Goal: 1,500
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