Make Kneel Downs Not Count As Negative Yards

Make Kneel Downs Not Count As Negative Yards

December 7, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Matt McCormick

There's 1:40 left in the 4th Quarter. Team A is up 23 points and has the ball. Team B has 0 timeouts left. All Team A wants to do is run out the remaining time on the clock. 

That usually means Team A would kneel the ball down 3 times to run out the remaining time as to not risk a turnover, injury, or hurting the other team's feelings by running up the score.

So why penalize the poor Quarterback who has to kneel down by counting the kneel down as a rushing attempt for -1 yards? The QB is not attempting to rush the ball. The QB is attempting to kneel down to run the clock out. So it's about dang time we reward these Quarterbacks for their successful kneel downs, rather than punishing them with negative rushing yardage.

On top of this, some Quarterbacks have tried to solve this calamity themselves. Backup Quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, Tim Boyle, who on occasion, does the kneeling for the team has performed a forward kneel to avoid losing yards on the kneel downs. While it is a brave and selfless endeavor, it SHOULD be an unnecessary one. 

CAN YOU BLAME HIM?! During the 2020 season alone, Tim Boyle has 10 rushes for -6 yards. THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE!

Who does this hurt?

The Quarterback. Their rushing yards per attempt is plummeting for these silly kneel downs counting as negative rushes. With the scrambling Quarterback being more commonplace in the NFL, this hurts the stats of those Quarterbacks. Which, in turn, can hurt the wallets of the aforementioned Quarterbacks. Stats and analytics play a huge part in how Owners, GMs, and all Front Office Executives evaluate players. 

Hypothetically, negative rushes due to kneel downs could cost an athlete millions of dollars or possibly even a job offer.

Who else does this hurt?

Fantasy Football Owners. Can you imagine a world where you lose 0.3 fantasy points because the Quarterback on your Fantasy Football team won their game handily, and had to kneel 3 times to run the clock out? Well you don't have to imagine it. WELCOME TO REALITY!

Can you imagine losing in fantasy football because the team your Quarterback is on played too well? Because if they were winning by a slimmer margin, or even losing the game, they wouldn't have lost those fractions of a point.

Quarterbacks, and in turn, Fantasy Football owners who play said Quarterback, should not lose points and be punished for winning a game.

That would be like an NBA player losing points in Fantasy Basketball for dribbling the clock out at the end of a game. WOULD THAT MAKE SENSE? Well, if you think that would make sense, I would kindly ask you to cease having ears, as I believe you don't deserve to hear anything anymore.

What message is this sending to our youth? With success comes...PUNISHMENT??? Not on my watch.

We need to stop this madness right now. But don't do it for me...DO IT FOR TIM FREAKING BOYLE! The man has -13 rushing yards in his career. Enough is enough!

Sign this petition, and together, we can make a positive impact on not only the planet, but also Tim Boyle's stat sheet.

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Signatures: 20Next Goal: 25
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