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Global Health Leaders, WHO and the UN: There is an urgent global need for essential surgery in developing countries.

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2 billion people lack access to basic, low-cost, life saving surgical care. 35 million people have limited access to safe anesthesia. The lack of access to surgery for the poorest third of the world is one of the biggest global health problems that no one has ever heard of.  Until now, there has been no global effort to increase access to surgical services or to ensure continuous training of the health workforce. Many countries have almost no surgeons. We can do something about this today. 

Together we can move the need for surgery to the forefront of the dialogue about global health and influence policy and practice for surgery to take its place on the world stage. 15 Essential Surgical Interventions can take care of about 80% of a community's basic surgical needs. We can make a difference. 

This is a global movement to end unnecessary suffering, extreme poverty and profound isolation.

-For as little as $250, a child can receive a clubfoot treatment, cleft lip surgery or cataract surgery.  A child will be free to smile, speak, see, love and grow.  

-Women will no longer fear death from pregnancy with access to cesarean section, and will hold their child in their arms.

-People will have a chance to live and not die because of fractures, trauma, burns, hernia and appendicitis.

-Children will have a better chance at life, no longer crippled by congenital diseases.

Alma Ata is not the absence of illness but the state of well-being which sparked a revolution in primary care.  30 years later, despite the success of the movement, we have failed to innovate and expand the scope of what we must do for people who are suffering and remain forced to live with disabling conditions, or receive no treatment at all.

The International Collaboration for Essential Surgery (ICES) brings together doctors and surgeons, international leaders, influencers, youth and changemakers to promote 15 essential surgical interventions  as priorities for health policy and practice with a systematic and globally-focused action. Sign our petition, be a voice in your country and lend us your time, talent and resources. Join us in the fight for "The Right to Heal" and become a champion for increasing access to Essential Surgery worldwide.

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