Get More Moderators for YouTube

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Why you should sign this petition

This petition should achieve for YouTube users to have new possibilities as moderators.

Since I have grown very attached to the YouTube community it hurts a lot to see it be burned to the ground by people like Logan Paul, with the unfortunate event that happened a few days ago. 

[in case you don't know Logan Paul, a pretty influential YouTuber, vlogged his trip to Japan. While he was there he went into a well known suicide forest (which, by the way, was prohibited as it was a restricted area) with a guide and some friends, and he found one of the many bodies of the people that took their lives. Not only he behaved irresponsibly and not respecting the body by going up close, filming it and doing inappropriate jokes around it instead of calling the police, but he also uploaded the video, firstly not respecting the YouTube guidelines but also knowing that his little 'stunt' was going to affect his audience (his fan base is very young) which he has scarred just so that he could have the so called "views". In case you want to dig deeper in this topic you just need to type 'Logan Paul' on YouTube or Google]

With this petition I strongly suggest YouTube to reinstate the YouTube Heroes program doing some changes:

- Introduce some criteria to choose the candidates for the YouTube Heroes program.

- Limit the powers of the so called "Heroes" so that the YouTube community doesn't have the very strict reaction it had when the program was first announced.

I hope these facts convinced you to sign this petition. If the proper changes are made by the (extremely talented, everybody reckons what a difficult job it is, don't worry) YouTube team it will bring the whole community in a whole different direction from what it's heading. 

Please sign this and share this on social media. 


Frank Rose

P.S. If you have any suggestions to leave feel free to write in the comments :D