Les Miserables (2012) Extended Cut Petition

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As fans and loyal audience of the critically acclaimed 2012 film “Les Miserables” we would like to formally express our interest to Universal for an extended edition official release of the musical.

We understand that in the editing process for the theatrical release that various scenes were cut out completely or shortened, such as the full length version of the song “Drink With Me” and unused footage from “Stars”. We would also like to see the alternate versions of scenes filmed, such as Cosette and Valjean meeting for the first time and the alternative ending.

With this petition we hope to show Universal and the producers of Les Miserables 2012 that there is a keen demand for an extended version release, including bonus DVD extra’s such as deleted and alternate scenes.

By signing this petition you can help us convince Universal that interest in this special edition is alive and in demand, and help us achieve the availability of an extended version of the movie for purchase.