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HSE must include Ovarian Cancer blood test CA125 and Ultrasound exam in a cancer screening program.

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My mother was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in September 2013, she passed away 3 days after diagnosis. Ovarian cancer is one of those silent cancers, by the time symptoms appear, it can be too late.

The CA125 blood test checks protein levels in the ovaries.  CA125 works as a marker, future tests showing further increased levels of protiens point to the possability of a tumor which can be detected using Ultrasound.  Tumors found may be benign or malignant, however early screening is vital to catch this cancer in time. Ovarian cancer caught early is treatable. We are asking the HSE to add this simple blood test called CA125 followed up by an ultrasound to a screening program. I firmly believe a regular CA 125 blood test would have prolonged her life. Ovarian Cancer whispers, lets catch it before it roars.


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