Leniency in correction of the ICSE board physics papers 2019

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On the 5th of March 2019, the students from ICSE board have written their physics [Science paper 1] exam. Ever since, majority of the students have been complaining about the complexity and length of the paper.


The exam as such, was relatively straightforward with a considerable number of direct questions. All the questions were from the syllabus that had been given to the students. Nonetheless, the paper had the following shortcomings:

1. It was very lengthy-  although it was possible to complete the paper in 2 hours, detailed answering or meticulous checking was not even close to possible. Selective questions required brainstorming and consumed a lot of time.

2.  It comprised of least expected questions- the weaker students who had studied bare minimum in hopes of passing were let down. In Section B where there is a choice available, tricky questions were paired up with easy ones, making it difficult to make a wise choice.

3. The tested material- was arguably based on in depth theoretical knowledge more than application. This is also why there is more scope for losing marks.


This article tells us more about the nature of the paper and the general mindset of the students.







This petition is a humble effort that strives to bring this to the notice of the people. Thousands of ICSE students all over the country will be utterly grateful if there is leniency in the correction of the papers. 

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