Petition for Starbucks HK to include Almond Milk as a Dairy Alternative

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As veganism continues to take the world by storm, numerous coffee chains such as Pret a Manger and Pacific Coffee have begun to offer non-soy plant based milk options such as rice and oat milk. Yet, quite surprisingly, Starbucks --- seemingly the most popular one out of them all, is still offering Soy milk as the sole vegan milk option. (Well, to be fair, almond milk is available exclusively in their Pacific Place 106 and IFC stores, but at an extra charge of $6)

Now, we all know how distasteful Soy milk is when mixed with coffee. Not only that--- it's also a common allergen. So no matter if you’re vegan or not, if you stand with us and believe that Starbucks Hong Kong should start to extensively offer Almond Milk as a dairy alternative, please take a short moment to sign this petition (and share it!!!)

Thank you for your support <3