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We ask Sign up to get a Russian translation of the game BioShock Infinite

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We are Russian players. It is important to get the full feel of the game, especially if the game is not only conveys the feeling of the music and atmosphere but also on the plot! Unfortunately the very game in which to be a strong story can remain incomprehensible to us! We love studio Irrational Games and all of their projects, and we hope that they will not leave us without attention and give us chance to get game by in Russian's localization!
We hope that you subscribe and give us a chance to enjoy the game which can remain in our memories forever!
Thank you!

UPD: We are not asking for full localization! We ask you to give us subtitles only and nothing else!) We hope that you will understand and give us a chance!

UPD 2: Congratulations to the first thousand! We hope that this is just the beginning! There is still a lot of time, that would prove that we really want this game!)

UPD 3: Guys, I think we have enough to influence the irrational games! Please send this page to irrational or account Ken Levine on twitter: @ IGLevine

UPD 4: Thank you very much Ken Levine, 2K and Take-Two for the fact that they gave us the chance to enjoy a fully this game!
Once the news 1C translate only PC version of the game!
This is very disappointing as I and many of my friends and acquaintances were going to play on consoles and I'm very sorry!

But thank you guys from 2K for the fact that many of the voters will play on a PC with Russian subtitles!)

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