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Petition for Encyclopedia Dramatica to take down rape page

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Encyclopedia Dramatica has made and allowed it's users to add to a page dedicated to the encouragement of rape.

The page is rife with messages about condoning rape as well as section dedicated on how to "rape safely". Not only is this inexplicably inappropriate, it is also a potentially huge harm to our society as it gives out tactics on how to commit rape and attempt to get out of legal repercaussions. Even under the guise of humor, this is not okay.

This website claims that everything they write is for a joke, yet their joking poses a very real threat to everyone. Rape culture and rape jokes cultivate a culture that turns rape into something to laugh at. 

This is the website page [please beware that it contains graphically violent words, images and video] -

This is the section titled Rape Safety -

Please sign this petition to have the page removed, this is vital to the well being of everyone.

Rape is not a joke.

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