Urge MLB/MLBPA Resolution: Hold Continuous Meeting until CBA Agreement is Reached

Urge MLB/MLBPA Resolution: Hold Continuous Meeting until CBA Agreement is Reached

February 1, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Eric Spikes

We cannot have a 2nd shortened season in 3 years. Why have the MLB and the MLBPA not reached consensus yet? 

Why was there a one month long break over the holidays?

Why are they having only sporadic meetings when pitchers and catchers should be reporting in two weeks?

Do they care about the fans? We dish out $30 for parking and spend about $200 to take our family to a game. That’s the real injustice here. If anyone should be locking anyone out, the fans should boycot games. 

But we don’t. We put up with it. Let’s get the CBA agreed upon and signed. 

Where is the middle ground here?

It needs to be found. Baseball is in trouble. 

And I’m tired of MLB and the MLBPA scheduling meetings. They should be scheduling breaks. Do they even care?

I feel that MLB and the MLBPA should host a non-stop war room meeting until general consensus is reached, be it virtual or in person. 

Please sign this petition if you agree. 

If nothing else, let’s get a one year extension on the current CBA or a one year stop-gap agreement. 

It’s been 6 years since the last CBA. They’ve had plenty of time to talk this out. This should not be an issue right now. The ball has been dropped big time. 

I would say it is the obligation of MLB and the PA to find some way to play baseball, to make things work, whatever that takes. 

Please sign if you agree. 

The owners are ridiculously wealthy and the players make fantastic money for playing a game we all love. I’m not here to pick sides. I’m just saying that both sides do very well when the average fan has to budget for a game and for their monthly cable bill to watch on TV (we can’t even view home teams real-time on MLB.TV, when we’re paying $120+, due to blackout regulations). It’s time to think about the fans. It’s time to find resolution, to sign the CBA, and to let us have our baseball. 

Please sign this petition if you agree.

Lets stop scheduling sporadic meetings. Let’s demand that MLB and the MLBPA attend an ongoing war room meeting until this CBA is signed. Let’s schedule breaks, not meetings. Let’s get this resolved. 

I implore you, please sign if you agree. Please sign if you love baseball. Let’s demand that this be fixed. Now.  

Thank you all.  


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Signatures: 737Next Goal: 1,000
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