Petition for AAA Games Developers to cater their Controllers Schemes for the Disabled!

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Being a longtime avid gamer and to the point an individual who is afflicted by cerebral palsy on my right side, I've had to master the art of playing console games with virtually one hand and while I have achieved this feat on most consoles, (excluding the XBOX One and 360 as the XBOX controllers are far to difficult to handle with one hand), it's surprising, the level of ignorance that goes into creating a game's controller scheme... in that the controller settings of 95% of games today are either locked and therefore unable to be altered or they simply don't cater to those with physical disabilities such as CP, props to Naughty Dog though, with Uncharted 4 for the inclusion of a scheme tailored to the disabled.

My only request is that all other games developers out there follow suit when it comes to future console games and by extension, release patches for their current game's control settings, patches which include a work around as there are so many games that someone like myself or those worse off can't enjoy to their full potential because of this fact.

Or to take it even further, to potentially have SONY, Microsoft and Nintendo incorporate alternative gaming hardware for the disabled by incorporating means for those suffering from visual and auditory disabilities as well as physical...