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Petition for a motion of no confidence in the current NZNO Board

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We the undersigned financial members of NZNO request the CEO to issue notice of a Special General Meeting of NZNO to transact the following resolution.

“That the membership of NZNO expresses no confidence in the current Board of Directors, calls for the dissolution of the full Board and requests that an election be held for all eleven Director positions, according to the provisions of the NZNO Constitution.”

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The President, Vice President and three Board members have all resigned their positions within the last two months.

The resignation statements of the President and the three Board members allude to serious dysfunction in the board.

There are obvious tensions within the governance structure of NZNO that need to be addressed and rectified in order for the organisation to be governed efficiently and effectively. Because the organisation’s budget and annual plan have been approved for the current year, the day-to-day operations of NZNO are able to continue while these issues are being resolved.

The three Board members who resigned were the highest-polling members in the most recent Board elections. They campaigned for transparency, unity, and action – an agenda that was supported by a clear majority of voters. They have been unable to deliver that to the membership and, in a principled move they have resigned. They have said that to remain would be to condone behaviour that does not meet the standards they campaigned on and that members deserve.

The President was elected by the membership to represent them. A campaign against him in 2018-2019 saw the Board reportedly spend a quarter of a million dollars on legal fees. Their eventual attempt to remove him from office failed to achieve that outcome. Notwithstanding publicly stated pledges of commitment to reconciliation, and with disregard for the clearly stated support of him by the membership, Board members recently renewed their campaign against the President.

The disharmony has caused severe damage to the reputation of the union among the members and in public. Members have been leaving in droves. At a time that has been uniquely challenging for the nursing workforce, members have needed a Board that focuses its attention and resources on supporting its members on the very pressing issues that matter to them.

Board members are bound by a confidentiality agreement, which restricts their abilities in effectively communicating with the members who are key stakeholders in the organisation. This restriction, coupled with the lack of transparency creates a barrier for members to participate meaningfully within their union.

There is evidence among the membership of widespread dissatisfaction and frustration with the Board. Further, there is a widely-felt unease, that proceeding with an election to fill only the five vacant positions would be insufficient in addressing the level of dysfunction within the Board. Thus, complete dissolution of the current board, in conjunction with fresh elections for a new board, is seen as the way forward in restoring true democracy and sound governance for NZNO members.

On receipt of a petition signed by not less than 1% of financial members, the NZNO CEO is required to issue notice of a Special General Meeting within 30 days. We request this SGM to use its power, under Clauses 25.4 and 26.5 of the NZNO Constitution, to put the above motion of no confidence before all financial members for voting by individual member ballot, in accordance with NZNO balloting provisions. This will enable all members to have their say. 

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