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Stop HOAs From Abuse of Power: Stealing Our Homes & Money Before Its Too Late

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Restore our Constitutional rights. Immediate help is needed. I urge everyone to sign this petition. How would you feel if you repaired the roof of your home that you own, or painted your home a neutral color, or fixed the siding, or windows, or driveway and you were fined tens of thousands of dollars for doing so because you didn't realize you had to ask permission first before repairing your own home? You pay your property taxes each year on time, you pay your mortgage on time each month. Perhaps you wish to fly an American flag on your home, but can't because the HOA your home happens to be built in, refuses to let you. 

There are some 50 million Americans living in HOAs throughout the United States. Unfortunately, tyranny is alive and well in America in the Abuse Of Power that Home Owners Associations (HOAs) constantly display towards the residents of their communities. There is a huge movement out there for Second Amendment gun rights, but not so when it comes to our private property freedoms which are disappearing rapidly. HOAs utilize lawyers and courts to further their power hold on people. I wish to put a stop to this, but I cannot do it without you and your help, because the money trail goes all the way up to the legislature.

My personal story is I repaired my dangerously slippery and cracked driveway of my private home which I own and pay the mortgage on, and the local homeowners association is trying to force me to destroy it and Fining Me over $21,000 + $200/ day for 3 yrs. with an effort to try to take away my home. They claim I violated their rules and do not approve of this exterior modification which added a great deal of value to my home and made it safer and more aesthetically pleasing. It even matches the brick of my house. Apologies had no effect. In the photo, the street color was the original driveway color which I cleaned and artistically enhanced by resurfacing. It took me 85 hours to complete by hand. Now, the driveway is no longer slippery, and quite beautiful.

The purpose of Home Owners Associations is to keep the property values higher and the neighborhood safe and looking good. There are no villages in certain parts of the United States. HOAs are in lieu of, and serve the purpose of villages. They are responsible for trash pickup, safety, beautifying public gardens, keeping the streets clean, mosquito spraying, Etc... Residents pay dues (taxes) in these communities, usually around $500 a year. Very often, however, in these Subdivisions throughout the United States, power corrupts and they choose to extort more money from the property owners by fining and foreclosing on the residents who live in these communities often for non-important reasons in order to demonstrate their own power and authority. This in turn causes financial hardships. In short, they do it because they can under the law. 

In addition, there is an incredible amount of monetary waste that occurs in these associations, just like in the government itself. In some cases, they also embezzel, pocketing some of that money. So they waste our money, and we have lost our freedom of expression, which includes repairing our own homes the way responsible homeowners need to do. 

Since this issue is very common throughout the United States, 50 million Americans are affected by it, and is growing as new HOAs take over neighborhoods, I am addressing this urgent issue to President Donald Trump to help change Federal laws that would prevent such abuse of power in our communities. We citizens are in grave danger of losing our homes because of repairs we've done, which upscaled, and beautified, our homes. If you value your G-d given freedoms, and inalienable rights that the Founding Fathers of this United States granted you in 1776, I urge you to sign this petition to help protect our freedoms that we hold so dear. Please help me in my fight to make a difference.

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