Jean Murphy to be investigated for inciting hatred

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Bleed Red - No to Racism

Sean Doyle (12) from Melrose Avenue, in Clondalkin, West Dublin was killed in a tragic accident Friday 25/02/16 when the horse & trap he was traveling on collided with a truck two of his friends who were on the trap with him survived the accident. I cannot fathom the pain and heartbreak his family and friends are going through at this sad time. strangers gave their sympathy on social media. many facebook users assumed he was from the travelling community due to sulky racing being a big part of our culture but Sean Doyle was from the settled community. One Jean Murphy took to social media with remarkably disrespectful comments, with no real regard for the consequences of her actions she incited hate towards the deceased child she said "one less knacker, How's the poor mistreated pony and the truck driver?" a facebook user commented under this post saying "that is an awful thing to say" in which she replied "these people have no respect for their own lifes why should I?"she later removed her page from facebook due to the huge amount of distraught facebook users who had shared her post. In the light of such a tragedy compasions should be shown, but NO. In this day and age racism and discrimination is at large in ireland. It's time to make a stand NO MORE.

My deepest sympathy to Seans family and friends. words will not heal their wounds. but words can cause wounds and i am adamant that comments like this will no longer be ignored

Paddy J Ward -Tuam, Galway Ireland

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