Petition Congress to uphold Abortion Rights and Personhood

Petition Congress to uphold Abortion Rights and Personhood

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Why this petition matters

Started by Dorothy Stoops

I apologize in advance, if anything I have written offends readers.
The premise is that it's not necessary to deny the first trimester fetus personhood in order to insure women can have safe abortions and are exempt, by Federal Law, from any punishment for abortion.

Personhood starts at conception, every person is entitled to due process, and every woman has a right to a safe abortion.

The Sanctity of Human Life Act + (The Women's Health Protection Act - Roe v. Wade + Due Process for Fetus) = Fetal Rights + Abortion Rights
Petition Congress to pass a bill upholding these rights:
1) No state is allowed to prosecute a woman for having a first trimester abortion.
2) Every state must uphold personhood of the first trimester fetus and give it due process.  A woman must go before a judge when she seeks an abortion, to insure that she is not being forced to do anything against her beliefs.
Personhood for the first trimester fetus is important because without it, drug companies producing chemicals that harm the FTF can claim their victim is not a person.  Parents need the right to sue, if their first trimester child is harmed.
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July 4, 2022
Proof v. Belief
Federal abortion laws must span any and all beliefs and treat them equally under the law.
Roe made an important Constitutional point that a woman's state cannot force her to believe the fetus in her womb is a person.  The First Amendment forbids such laws.  However, that same argument forbids the Supreme Court from forcing its belief that the fetus is not a person onto the Nation.  The Court did to the Country what it told states it couldn't do, but with a different belief.  Roe was not based on irrefutable proof, and it didn't treat the opposing beliefs equally.
The fact is that women who want safe abortions, want them so they can have safe term pregnancies in the future, therefore they don't want their abortions based on denying the fetus personhood.  It's a very delicate balance, which Roe did not maintain.
Abortions could be treated as accidental death by the states, or every abortion could be considered the result of unintended impregnation which could carry a fine to deter repeat offenses.

1,261 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!