Petition Congress to pass a Federal Ban on Guns in Hospitals

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Jamal Williams, 22, a recent college graduate and football star from Western Michigan UniversityJamal Williams, was shot to death by a retired police officer while seeking help for anxiety.

The news reported that he had an "altercation" with a nurse who promptly called for security. Instead of calling for specialists or orderlies who could calm him down and make him feel safe, she called for security, threatened by his 6'5, 300 lb frame. The guards were retired police officers who carried LOADED GUNS in the facility. They tried to overwhelm him, and one guard shot his partner and Jamal Williams dead.

How is this conducive or a productive way for a hospital to act? 

In the midst of speaking about Black Lives, we must speak on Black health, and let's start by making the hospital a safe place for our people to visit for health. Police officers who are poorly trained or believe gunning down big Black men in hospitals have no place in a facility of healing.

Therefore I'm asking Congress to implement a FEDERAL BAN on ALL assault rifles and guns from hospitals.