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According to former President Bush, "this is the most 'profitable' federal program that we have..."  Federal Incentives through Title IV-D, is the core incentive for corruption. 

The immeasurable profits generated through the Family Court System is 'thee' reason child support debtors are treated differently than any other individual American citizen in debt... ex. prison, denial of passports and the right to travel, up to 65% of your gross pay (not net) garnished, denial of check cashing privileges, bank accounts emptied and/or frozen, denial of hunting/fishing licenses, drivers licenses, professional licenses, harassment, the outrageous amounts awarded to the custodial parent, the least amount of visitation time with your child so the $$$ awarded can be set at its' maximum amount, nearly no-one receives equal parenting, confiscation of all but essential personal property... and on and on and on of Unconstitutional Laws being enforced by mostly single immature people that need no more than a GED to wreak havoc upon an already emotionally paralyzing situation.

The Federal Government has taken away the ability of Family Court Judges to exercise common sense and fair treatment of the parents involved, (to include allowing for fair child support awards that do not create a non-custodial indigent or another silent suicide victim that the mainstream media will not publicize). 

 All this going on under the noses of the American public, while the children are poised as true victims of the one of many money making schemes this Government has implemented.

Above illustrates the money (tax payers flipping the bill), through the Federal Incentive program. 

How about the Federal Management Services that collects all the child support received and routes that through the Reserve 'before' it is routed to the local child support enforcement bank for distribution? 

How about the 2006 Deficit Reduction Act that placed $25 annually upon approximately 15.9 million cases, that has nothing to do with supporting the children? How much money is made by keeping families separated with no chance of reconciliation with that $25, the interest at the reserve, the federal incentives, service charges, penalties, performance rewards,  etc....?

The children need your support.  Families of past and future need your support.  The next child support debtor that faces Unconstitutional and Biased Treatment because their debt is treated differently than your debt, needs your support.  (Even  the Federal District Courts are in agreement that this debt is 'not a special debt'.).

This horrific nightmare is playing out thousands of times each and everyday across this country.  GET THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT THE HELL OUT OF OUR FAMILIES LIVES!

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