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PETITION: Charge soldiers who tortured monkeys with treason against Vietnam

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Dear Sir:

Three Vietnamese soldiers were arrested for torturing - and skinned alive - two highly endangered grey-shanked duoc monkeys--the world's most endangered primates. They wantonly forced a pregnant monkey to smoke a cigarette prior to torturing and skinning her alive to make a perverted display on Facebook to bring ridicule to your government. This brought worldwide massive outrage, and great shame placed on Vietnam.

These soldiers represent Vietnam as a Country. Since they highly insulted the Country and brought great shame and ridicule to Vietnam, these soldiers should be seen as traitors and dealt with much severity.

Torturing and killing a pregnant monkey also represents deviants who get unnatural pleasure doing this sort of thing and is dangerous to public safety, and children.

"One of them, Nguyen Van Quang, who is serving in the Tay Nguyen Command of the Vietnamese army, posted photos of the monkeys on his Facebook page last week. What is more worrying about the incident is that the young soldier who posted the photos on Facebook did not think he did anything wrong, says Nga Pham from BBC Vietnamese."

Thank you for your time and reading.


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