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Petition CBC News, The National to Interview Dr Thierry Vrain Regarding GMO & The Future of Agriculture

Dr. Thierry Vrain, formerly Head of Biotechnology at Agriculture Canada's Summerland Research Station, was once a supporter of GMO. He has in the last 10 years changed his position after paying attention to the flow of published studies coming from Europe that questioned the impact and safety of engineered food and is now sharing his concerns.

CBC thus far is ignoring the highly logical arguments that he is expressing and generally publishes Associated Press articles suggesting there are no problems with GMO in agriculture rather than do it's own in depth reporting.

It's high time that Peter Mansbridge interviews Dr Thierry Vrain on the National regarding the contents of his recent Ted talk entitled The Gene Revolution, The Future of Agriculture:

Canadians need to be getting more information from our public broadcaster regarding problems with GMO in agriculture that are more and more being researched, published and ignored by CBC. The safety of our food and the future of agriculture in Canada and the world should be of much greater concern to our public broadcaster.

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    Peter Mansbridge (Chief Correspondent, CBC)

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