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BANKS PAY UP!!! Five Steps to Bank Victims Payout!!! "BLUE LETTER DAY" - Wed 31 May 2017

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Bank victims you may be entitled to COMPENSATION if you have suffered loss or damage due to WRONG-DOING by the banks.

Banks and their agents, brokers, liquidators and solicitors need to know that corporate CRIME DOES NOT PAY!!!

I am in the process of putting together a team of highly skilled and respected advocates/negotiators for each bank’s group.  If you know suitable individuals who are prepared to take on this task, please recommend them.

When there are sufficient numbers in each bank group eg 5-15, if you elect to, you will be contacted and referred you to a negotiator who will attempt a quick and private settlement of the entire groups’ claims.

Please note, I am not in favour of the signing of a gag order with the private settlement. However, it must be recognized that some individuals have been carrying the torch for a long time.  Permitting some early settlements is justice in itself.

 Also from the banks’ point of view, if the banks themselves are seen to commence holding themselves to account for their misdeeds and to pay proper compensation; then it will go a long way towards restoring confidence in banks to undertake genuine reform. A gag order may not be in the banks’ interests either. Act now.

STEP 1 - Register NOW!!! (Takes 5-7 mins)
Please see the instructions below to register your expression of interest.
1. Email me at -
2. Use REGISTER – BLUE LETTER DAY in the subject line.
a). name (eg Lorain McE, Please First name & first 3 letters surname)
b). city (eg.Sunshine Coast Qld)
c). contract email (eg.
d). bank/s (eg. NAB & WESTPAC & CBA & any other bank)
e). What is the reason you believe the bank was involved in wrong-doing? (Please write ONLY one short line. We will get all stories in Stage Two. In Stage Three, we will require more complete details.)
(eg. NAB - undervaluation of property, Westpac - falsified loan application docs; CBA irresponsible lending, HSBC - engineered default)
f). what evidence you have to prove the bank was involved in wrong-doing. (e.g NAB - independent market valuation/history of sales in the street: Westpac - falsified loan documents, CBA - My Statment of Assets and Liabilities/bank statements/employee pay slips)
g). Please estimate the total value of your claim (eg. NAB $560,000)
I will acknowledge receipt of your emails and registration within 24 hrs.
Please wait for Stage Two instructions. 


STEP 2 – “BLUE LETTER DAY” - Wed 31 May 2017

Write your story!  ONE A4 "blue" page each only, please!!! 

Send your 'blue" letter in a BLUE envelope to me to arrive as early as possible before Tues 23 May 2017.

On “Blue letter day”, I and some volunteers will deliver, hopefully, 18+ mail bags bulging with “blue letters” to the steps of the head office of each relevant bank in a convenient capital city. 

Before delivery, on the steps of the bank’s head office, I/we will read out each one of the ‘blue stories’.

Your voice will be heard and your story will be told.

Address your letter to:

  • "Blue Letter Day”
  • PO Box TBA  coming soon

(Blue it anyway at all ie blue frame around edges, blue sticker, use blue paper etc.)


 The consolidation and publication of statistical data showing -

  1. The total value of prospective claims against the bank! The bank will need this to budget appropriately.
  2. The total number of bank victims that are now drawing welfare, the type of welfare and over what period.
  3. The estimated total costs being picked up by the taxpayers due to bank misconduct.


When the numbers are achieved, you will be contacted and referred to a negotiator/advocate who will act on your behalf if you made that election earlier.


It is hoped that a proper offer of settlement will be forthcoming and the claims settled quickly. The negotiator will receive a fixed fee as arranged prior to engagement if the settlement is successful.

If a settlement is not achieved the above actions and associated press coverage will aid in adding pressure to the calls for a Royal Commission.

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