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Petition: Ban on USA horse slaughter is horrific animal cruelty

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The American horse slaughter ban is animal cruelty. The cost of rearing a horse varies, but the average is approximately $1,000 a month per horse. With the economy many individuals cannot afford this-"meanwhile, the cost of euthanizing and disposing of a horse can run $500 to $1,000 per animal, depending on the location"..."More than 100,000 horses were slaughtered annually in the U.S. for human consumption, the organization says, before the last few processing plants were closed in 2007. Now, thousands of horses destined for slaughter are instead sent to plants in Mexico and Canada." (; OR the horses were simply released and left to *starve*.

Because of animal activists, USA passed a ban on horse slaughter; consequently, these animal activists were responsible for the horrific cruelty associated with transport and slow, agonizing slaughter of these animals due to the ban-other countries have no standards to horse slaughter. In some cases the horses, still alive, were tied and a hack saw sliced into them, fully alive and conscious.

"More than 100,000 American horses are shipped out of the country to plants in Canada and Mexico for slaughter each year, and their meat is bound for markets in Europe and Asia, according to the Humane Society." (See

The Obama Administration lifted the ban for a more humane slaughter, but once again animal activists are trying to get the ban reenacted. If you want to see the truth behind the cruelty of transport and horse slaughter in other countries, see this video.

Please do not allow animal activists to reenact the horse slaughter ban-it will make these horses suffer beyond description due to transport and cruelty of animal slaughter in other countries outside of the USA. For humanitarian purposes, keep the horse slaughter LEGAL in America, because banning it won't make it go away.

"Out of sight, out of mind" may be comforting to Americans, but not for the horses who will be brutally transported--and slowly killed--in other countries.


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