Animal cruelty surcharge to fund low cost/free spay/neuter programs

Animal cruelty surcharge to fund low cost/free spay/neuter programs

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Louis Terrance started this petition to Florida State Senate and

Prohibitive costs for spay/neutering is the number one reason why many don't do this humane intervention which would substantially reduce the cruelty and the killing of our companion pets. Animal cruelty/animal ordinance surcharge of $25 is a common sense intervention to alleviate this problem for those who choose this surgery for their pets, is good for the State (costs the State nothing), our tax payers, and is humane legislation. Everybody wins.

Note: Homeless unwanted companion pets is a national epidemic. The ASPCA estimates over $2 billion dollars a year is spend every year for animal control across USA whose main designated function is to kill perfectly healthy adoptable animals--not enough homes for them, so they are killed.

Homeless companion animals live short, brutal lives: Most die of starvation, parasites, diseases, end up as road kill, or victims of human cruelty (for example, getting poisoned, trapped for snake food, kicked, beaten, etc.) ; or food for coyotes. (Coyote population is a problem due to a plentiful supply of homeless, unwanted cats ending up as coyote chow. )
Read article Coyotes Eat Cats!-research article.

Cost of animal control throughout the State of Florida: $94 million yearly.

Total cost of animal control in one year (2008) in the State of Florida:
$93,953,431 (almost $94 MILLION DOLLARS of tax payers' money yearly!!)

Karen Parker, a spokesperson for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, said there are about 5 million feral and free-ranging cats statewide, and numbers are rising.

Solution: Filed two years in a row, please consider refiling a “Animal Cruelty, Animal Ordinance violation surcharge” of $25) to be distributed as follows: $5 to train animal control officers (already State law), $1 for court costs, and the rest to help fund low cost and free spay/neuter services (which are facing budget cuts).

COUNTIES FL..................2008 Animal control cost
Alachua County___________$2,415,794 Cost
Baker County______________$126,190 Cost
Bay County_______________ $806,420 Cost
Bradford County______________$3,815 Cost
Brevard County___________$3,927,602 Cost
Broward County___________$4,339,210 Cost
Calhoun Cty_____________No animal control
Charlotte County____________$654,435 Cost
Citrus County_____________$1,017,796 Cost
Clay County______________$1,440,015 Cost
Collier County____________$1,326,425 Cost
Columbia County___________$230,850 Cost
Desoto Cty________________$350,000 Cost
Dixie County_______________$80,881 Cost
Duval County____________$3,830,588 Cost
Escambia Cty_____________$769,000 Cost
Flagler County____________$157,000 Cost
Franklin County____________$50,778 Cost
Gadsden Cty_______________$93,458 Cost
Gilchrist County____________$33,036 Cost
Glades County_____________$60,081 Cost
Gulf County_______________$103,401 Cost
Hamilton Cty___________NO animal control
Hardee County_____________$164,378 Cost
Hendry County_____________$189,748 Cost
Hernando Cty_____________$1,212,537 Cost
Highlands County____________$636,568 Cost
Hillsborough______________$8,232,248 Cost
Holmes County___________NO animal Control
Indian River County__________$535,923 Cost
Jackson Cty_________________$150,000 est~
Jefferson Cty_________________$17,000 Cost
Lafayetee Cty____________NO animal control
Lake County: ______________$1,980,257 Cost
Lee County________________$4,045,109 Cost
Leon County_______________$1,130,382 Cost
Levy County________________$334,528 Cost
Liberty County_______________No info given
Madison Cty_________________$56,065 Cost
Manatee Cty________________$764,215 Cost
Marion County:_____________$329,628 Cost
Martin County_______________$99,000 Cost
Miami Dade_____________$10,075,000 Cost
Monroe County_____________$947,485 Cost
Nassau County______________$653,304 Cost
Okaloosa Cty_______________$768,884 Cost
Okeechobee County__________$350,000 Cost
Orange County____________$8,410,353 Cost
Osceola County____________$4,528,756 Cost
Palm Beach County________$10,321,651 Cost
Pasco County______________$2,486,044 Cost
Pinellas County____________$5,088,100 Cost
Polk County_______________$2,873,153 Cost
Putnam County______________$313,768 Cost
Santa Rosa Cty______________$457,550 Cost
Sarasota Cty________________$231,507 Cost
Seminole County___________ $255,000 Cost
St. Lucie County____________ $731,535 Cost
St. Johns Cty______________$1,133,548 Cost
Sumter County: _____________$400,000 Cost
Suwanee Cty_________________$95,000 Cost
Taylor Cty__________________$160,500 Cost
Union County____________NO animal Control
Volusia County_____________$1,445.990 Cost
Wakulla Cty_________________$250,000 Cost
Walton County_______________$149,841 Cost
Washington Cty______________$132,101 Cost


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!