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Petition: Allow Dogs pulled by rescue from Lorain County Dog Kennel to be adopted back out to citizens in Lorain County

I've recently learned about the policy that once a Pit Bull is in Lorain County Dog Kennel that they cannot be adopted back out to Lorain County residents. I believe that the rescues should be allowed to pull the dog from the kennel and adopt them back out into the county. They are able to do background checks and home checks before placing the dogs, unlike the kennel. This would hopefully eliminate the problem of Pit Bulls going to bad owners. These dogs aren't getting the chance to prove to our county that if they have good owners they are good dogs. Innocent dogs are being killed because of these policies. This change could save lives. Think about the lives lost. Please help stop the discrimination and do right by these dogs.

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  • Lorain County Commissioners
    Petition: Change Pit Bull Adoption Policies for Lorain County Dog Kennel

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