Petition against the Wrongful Termination of Paulina Cheng Hardatt

Petition against the Wrongful Termination of Paulina Cheng Hardatt

April 6, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Pauline Ferrante

We, the community of Transfiguration Church, are appalled to learn of the elimination of Mrs. Paulina Cheng Hardatt’s position and the termination of her employment. The role Paulina filled for the last 28-plus years has sustained the lifeblood of our church, and had been a critical factor in what enabled this parish to thrive. The loss of this position and especially without Paulina in it, will prove detrimental to the parish as it faces the challenges and complexity of absorbing its expanded scope of community responsibilities and the ongoing adaptation to the COVID-19 pandemic. By this action, the Archdiocese has eliminated the “glue” that has held this Parish and our community together over three decades and through these trying times.

The parish is now left without its key administrative personnel. There is no one within the congregation or the professional staff of Transfiguration that possesses Paulina’s skillset. The languages spoken at Transfiguration Church are English, Cantonese, and Mandarin—Paulina is fluent in all three. Her institutional knowledge and network within both Transfiguration - enabling our service to the youth, our elders, immigrants - and the greater Chinatown community is irreplaceable. She possesses an extraordinary sense of dedication, high intelligence and competence, and served with integrity as Assistant to our recently departed former Pastor, Reverend Raymond Nobiletti, M.M., and to the two subsequent Pastoral Administrators appointed by the Archdiocese.

We find this action to have been undertaken in blatant disregard for the history and need of our community. Furthermore, how this position was eliminated went further by implication to malign the person who served this church and community faithfully for nearly 29 years. This decision overlooks someone who has legitimate ties and understanding of our community, who speaks the languages of our community, who can negotiate on our behalf, and who understands the complex web of relationships and requirements learned and managed through direct, long-term experience.

There is no question that this decision was made without a clear understanding or regard for the people of our congregation. This dismissal is another link in the chain of callous, unilateral actions undertaken by the Archdiocese in recent years, that have signaled to our faithful in Lower Manhattan that their perspective is neither considered nor valued. No members of either our Parish Council or at-large members of the congregation were consulted about what the consequences of Paulina’s departure might be. We have been told that volunteers from the parish are expected to take on Paulina’s work—we must respectfully inform you that this expectation is implausible and absurd. It is impossible for any number of volunteers to fulfill what Paulina accomplished on a daily basis. 

We fear the imminent demise of a once-thriving Chinese American Catholic community that was a hallmark for this New York Archdiocese and the American Catholic Church. Our hearts break at this prospect. We as a congregation have so much to offer current and future generations of Lower Manhattan and Chinese American parishioners, and the Church at large. This work cannot continue without the understanding from the Archdiocese of our community’s needs. 

Mrs. Paulina Cheng Hardatt represents the best of our community’s sense of service, love and dedication—not just in Chinatown, but for her peers and fellow Catholics across the Archdiocese. 

我們,顯聖容天主堂的堂區教友,對 Paulina Cheng Hardatt-鄭鴻敏寶琳娜,的職位,堂區行
政助理,被取消和終止她的工作感到震驚。在過去超過 28年的服務,寶琳娜在堂區中一直扮演
沒有 Paulina寶琳娜 的情況下,將明顯地對本堂區不利,因為它正面臨著合倂堂區後,擴大了
的堂區責任和不斷適應冠狀病毒大流行的挑戰和複雜性。總教區這次解僱行動,會將過去 30 年

容天主堂的堂區語言是英語、廣東話和普通話, Paulina能流利地操這三種語言。她在堂區中熟
神父 Rev. Raymond Nobiletti, M.M. 盧樂民神父,以及隨後由大主教管區任命的兩位神父的助

被取消的方式,進一步暗示了對近 29 年來忠實地為這個堂區和社區服務的人的誹謗。該決定忽

都沒有被諮詢過Paulina離開的後果會是什麼! 我們被告知,來自教區的志願者將承擔她的工作
Paulina 每天完成的工作。



Paulina Cheng Hardatt,鄭鴻敏寶琳娜,代表了我們社區最好的服務意識、愛心和奉獻精神

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Signatures: 492Next Goal: 500
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