Petition against the parole of mass murderer Adam Woest *WARNING: Graphic*

Petition against the parole of mass murderer Adam Woest *WARNING: Graphic*

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Leigh Visser started this petition to President Cyril Ramaphosa and

Unable to breathe, unable to think, unable to formulate full sentences to you, Mr. President, after hearing of this gross injustice. All I can do is to bear my secrets publicly and create this petition in the hopes that it will spark change, not only for South Africans, but for young gay men and women around the world, and for the generations that lie ahead of us.

You see Mr. President, at just 14 years old my perfect vision of the world and humanity was shattered. Suddenly, my world no longer revolved around Barbie's and dollies, crayons and puppies, but instead my world became consumed by boogie men that haunted my every waking minute. At just 14 years old I learnt the harsh reality that evil lives amongst us. I learnt that people are hateful, scary and full of rage, at least for the longest of time, that was my 14-year-old perspective of all people. You see, Mr. President, at 14 years old, my brother’s arms were tied behind his back, his throat was slit, he was shot in the head twice and doused in gasoline along-side 9 other gay men (9 South Africans, 1 American), in a crime that South Africa has come to know as the Sizzlers Massacre - a day that has haunted me ever since and will continue to haunt me. I tried leaving South Africa to distance myself from the “scene of the crime”, leaving everything that I love so much behind, and yet from a distance my secret has continued to haunt me.

Today, the boogie man comes back to haunt me, but only this time in his more mature form, that of a cold-blooded monster with black expressionless eyes, a monster physiologically inclined toward barbaric violence, a monster whose name is Adam Woest. Today, I find out that because Adam Woest was sentenced on March 2004 his sentencing falls under the Van Wyk judgment for "lifers". This is a category of "lifers" sentenced before 1 Oct 2004 who are required to serve at least 20 years before being considered for parole placements, with possibility of special remission and other credits further reducing life sentences to a mere12 years and 4 months, according to Dept. of Correctional Services spokesperson.

Adam Woest doesn’t fall under the 2004 amendment that holds mass murderers, serial rapists and killers at a minimum of 25 years in prison before being eligible for parole, but rather a mere 12 years.

This means my brother’s mass murderer, Adam Woest, the one that got 9 life sentences, has the possibility of applying for parole on the premise of “good behaviour”. This mass murderer, Adam Woest, now 45 years old, the one that tortured and victimized these innocent young men will be walking the streets again really soon, and that is, along side his sole surviving victim. To add fuel to this never-ending fire that continues to burn from deep within, it seems that it’s not enough, that we as secondary victims in this crime are faced with the harsh realities of the injustice of the South African legal system. A legal system that states that mass murderers, like Adam Woest, serial rapists and killers serving multiple life sentences get to serve their life sentences concurrently (all life sentences at the same time) and not consecutively (one after each other) like in most countries. Let that sink in. Instead of what should’ve been a 200+ year imprisonment in a “normal” society, is diminished to 12 years and 4 months

For Adam Woest’s heinous crimes against these young men, the gay community and our families and friends who are left to pick up the pieces of our broken worlds, Adam Woest, will be rejoining us in our community again soon, and that is, unbeknownst to many South Africans who don’t understand the law of how life sentences are carried out - death will soon be visiting them.

Is the world fair? No, it isn’t. But with our voices and the numbers we represent we can’t help but to think we can at least try and change it.

Mr. President, I ask that you look into the revisions of the Correctional Services Act, that allows mass murderers like Adam Woest, serial rapists and killers to walk the streets of a country plagued by heinous crime. Change the laws that allow these menaces to society the possibility of early parole. I ask specifically that you stop any possibility, any chance, of Adam Woest obtaining parole for early release.

My next ask to you Mr. President is that you revisit the laws that state mass murderers like Adam Woest, serial rapists and killers get to serve multiple life sentences concurrently and not consecutively. Correct it, so that it is a fair and just system, one of which places real value on precious innocent lives. Correct it so we can live free and safe lives, correct it so we don’t have to feel like leaving our home is the only option for a normal life, a safe life. Correct it so that we may have ubuntu.

Mr. President if we cannot turn to you, the head of our state for justice, what is to become of our beautiful country? What hopes and dreams do the resilient people of South Africa have to hold on to for a brighter South Africa, a safer South Africa? What becomes of the young gay men and women around the world afraid to live the full, honest lives they deserve? What becomes of us Mr. President?

Ubuntu for all,
Leigh Visser

Please share near and far, publicly and privately so that we may bring about change in numbers.

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