Petition AGAINST stay-at-home (house arrest) orders.

Petition AGAINST stay-at-home (house arrest) orders.

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M Johnson started this petition to We the People

If the drastic measures currently being taken across this country in many states is to protect lives,  then I recommend we put Covid-19 into perspective.

Based on Wednesday's April 1, 2020 numbers in Florida using a population  of 21 million people; 7700+ cases, 101 deaths.  The number of cases in Florida percentage .00036. Percentage of deaths in Florida 0.0000048095.  Does this seem like a real pandemic?  Does it justify the draconian measures you have succumb to?

As of April 4, there are 3.5 times more deaths from the season flu in the USA than C19.  (7,143 to over 24,000)

Below are actual facts of why C19 is not as deadly or dangerous as the general public is made to believe.:

Let's just look at the USA of things that people die from naturally or are deemed accidents.  Some of these could be argued to be preventable.  These are facts pulled from hard data:

1.  2017-2018 CDC reported 80,000 people died of the flu. Over 35 million reported cases of the flu.  Nearly 1 million people were hospitalized. Never heard a peep from the media about any of this.  There was never a 24/7 ticker about the cases reported nor the deaths that year. We never heard of any shortages of hospital beds, ventilators, face masks, etc.. Why not even though the data far exceeds C19?.

2.  2019 Heart disease 647,457

3.  2019 Cancer 599,108

4.  2019 Accidents (not vehicle) 169,936

5.  2019 Chronic LOWER RESPIRATORY DISEASE 160,201

6.  2019 INFLUENZA and PNEUMONIA 55,672

7.  H1N1 or Swine flu over 250,000 cases and over 12,000 deaths just in the USA

Now let's look at some worldwide statistics on a yearly basis:

1.  Over 500,000 people die worldwide of the common flu.

2.   Around 81,000 to 130,000. people a year die from snake bites.

3.  Over 400,000 people died in 2018 of malaria.  Children under the age of five are the most affected 67%

Now let's look at many things that are preventable in the United States

1.  38,000 people die per year from traffic accidents 

2. 480,000 die from cigarettes 

3.  41,000 from second hand smoke 

4.  80,000 per year from alcohol 

5.  2018 67,000 die from prescription drugs and opioids

6.  Over 15,000 people were fatally shot in 2019 gun violence

7.   in 2018 48,344 recorded suicides in the United States

As of April 17th, the virus is blamed for less than 1/100th of 1% of the U.S. population who likely would have died regardless of the next cold. Does this sound like a pandemic?  Also, the medical field are tagging deaths C19 regardless of why they died.  Do you find it odd how heart disease  lower respiratory, diabetes deaths all have dramatically declined in the last 2 months?  

Many of the above list could be stopped almost immediately. Why dont we stop this?  Because big businesses make big money, and that seems to be ok, right?  Also, many politicians take money from big tobacco, big pharma, big oil, gun lobbyists, that is why, right?

Our politicians are acting like puppets with their strings being pulled by frightened people caused by the media.  The media is driving this "fright" train by brainwashing the commonwealth with irrational fear causing irrational behavior. Please name a better scenario that mainstream media could have, other than what they have now? They literally have a captive audience now sitting in front of the TV.

How about the media actually reporting the real news, and the real pain and suffering that is going on right now across our country?  Why aren't they showing the people getting kicked out of their house or apartment and becoming homeless on the streets? Why aren't they showing people not being able to feed their family or even themselves? Why are they not showing people closing up their businesses permanently?   Why aren't they showing the stress right now so many people and families are feeling about the financial crisis that they are in?

Our government is a joke regarding their response to this financial crisis. They give SOME of the little people $1,200..  They're going to give the people who make less than 75k 1,200.  If you earn between 75k-100k, it is subject to deduction.  I guess our Congress decided if you make over 100k then you don't have any bills.  Yet at the same time, they hand out checks to almost every single senior citizen who is not being financially impacted like the once working people.  Once again, big companies get massive bailouts, while the little people get a bandage to try to stop the dam from breaking.  The commonwealrh assistance is an illusion to the commonwealth in attempt to distract you from the massive corporate bailouts. 

Why is Covid 19 different?  It's not.  We've heard because it is more contagious.  How do we know?  We dont have accurate or complete data to determine this.   When we do, the data will show it isnt the boogie man it is being made out to be. The samples that we do have are heavily skewed since we are only testing the sick people with symptoms.  Most of the people being tested, dont even have it.  They run to get tested when they sneeze or cough because they are so afraid and have major paranoia.  Many people (nearly half) who have tested positive on the Princess cruise ship, had no symptoms at all.  Doesnt seem to dangerous does it?

I am NOT saying it isn't dangerous or deadly, but only to a small percentage given the above perspectives.  Additionally,  the vast percentage of the ones who didn't make it, likely would have died with any type of flu illness or something else.  Most, not all had underlying health conditions such as lower respiratory illnesses, heart disease, emphysema,  diabetes, etc...

Some people like to point out the example of Italy and what is going on there. Are you aware that all the people that have died from covid-19 in Italy is only 1/10 or 10% of the amount of people that normally die from the seasonal flu over there every year?

The best way to handle this is, if you are sick stay home.  If you are worried about being sick or in the high risk group stay home and hide until this passes.  Dont make everyone else suffer

This virus will run its course regardless of what we do.  It will be around for years.  We have allowed our government to open pandora's box.  What are we going to do next season when someone sneezes?  Shut everything down immediately every single time?

Are you aware of all the damage this type of behavior (stay at home and closing of businesses) will cause?  It will cause far more many deaths and hardship than this virus.  There will be more suicides, alcoholism,  drug addiction, divorces, child and spousal abuse, psychological and mental damage,.  Also, small businesses will never be able to recover. People are becoming homeless as I write this.  The list goes on and on. 

If our government was serious about controlling this "pandemic", then why do airlines still continue to operate?  One would think that should have been the very first thing to shut down both domestic and internation flights.  Planes are germ capsules. 

Where are all the people who were always saying, "Germs are good for you, they build immunity!"?

I've heard and read, "Stay home and don't be selfish."  These are usually the same people who ran to the grocery store, panicked bought, and cleared all the shelves by hoarding food and supplies (toilet paper to name one).   Seems rather selfish, doesnt it?  Toilet paper shortage is a fine example of irrational behavior caused by irrational fear.

Do you know how stupid it sounds to tell people, no groups of 10 or more?  What?  5, 6, 7, 8, 9  are ok but not 10?  We've seen members of the task force on national TV every day standing in front of us telling all of us to social distance at least six feet away, yet they stand shoulder-to-shoulder through every single press conference.  Really?

Did you know that every time you go to the grocery store and bring your food home you're bringing home thousands of germs from other people regardless if you wear  gloves  and a mask?  Unless you are literally wiping down every single package and item that you bring home from the grocery store prior to bringing it into your house and systematically use a method that does not contaminate any of your items; you are literally eating thousands of germs from everyone else as you prepare your food.  The stock person,, the cashier, the bagger has touched it, it went down the nasty conveyor belt, and sat in the cart..

We have allowed our government to strip from us of our civil liberties and Freedoms of which we all loved about our country.  What happened to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?   What happened to our constitutional right to peacefully assemble? 

We are allowingng our government to close our businesses,  take away our livelihood, ability to provide for our families, tell us what we can do, what we can't do, when we can do it, how we can do it, be a prisoner in our own home., etc...

I believe these orders will be challenged later in court as an infringement and violation of our constitutional freedoms..  How?  When ultimately this "pandemic" after it all plays out was not worthy of a "health crisis".  That is the requirement accordingly to state constitutions.  This will all be put into perspective in the courts some day and likely there will be countless suits to come.  It will be interesting.

Case law will show that the statutes were intended to grant Governors or the President executive orders to quarantine individuals to protect the people   It was NOT intended to quarantine the people to protect the individual(s).  There is also supposed to be a thing called, due process 

If this is a war as some have chosen those words; what we are doing is running and hiding.  What is going to happen when we face a real threat?  Run and hide?

How many times will we continue to hear, "We must stay at home just a few more weeks?"  The Governor of Michigan yesterday mentioned another 70 days on top of already the 2 weeks they have served.

I have noticed the people who seem to be in favor of the stay-at-home orders are usually the ones who are NOT being financially impacted.  For example, retirees, people who work from home or remotely, or the ones who still are able to work as normal.  How long can we continue to ignore the devastation to our economy and the welfare of our people?  We cannot really ignore the 10 Million people who filed for unemployment from March thru April.  It is estimated by May it will be 15 Million.  

I ask you all this...Is it better to die standing as a free man, or to live at the mercy of fear on your knees?

The fastest way to make this virus go away is to turn off your TV and social media.  That is how it got here, right?  I always knew the media was very powerful, but never in 50 years did I imagine it would make our society do this to ourselves, all in the name of FEAR.

Don't have a herd mentality, and don't be a lamb/sheep led to the slaughter by the media. 

I hope you please choose to sign this and share it with everyone, whether you believe they will agree with it or not. 


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