Stop the Impeachment of President Trump

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We, the American people, are in opposition to this impeachment process initiated by Democratic leaders. The basis of this impeachment  is slanderous lies, blaming him for acts in 2016 committed by members of the Democratic party.

Mr. Mueller has already spent $25 million in tax payer money for a witchhunt that revealed No Wrongdoing on the part of our President. 

Not satisfied with that outcome, the Democrats have lost sight on their representation of the American public and what is best for our country,  in yet another attempt to say that in 2016 POTUS encouraged foreign adversary to hack a political opponent and attack our elections.  Sen Harris further states, "we cannot stand for this abuse of power."  This allegation has already been proven false and if anything, there is an investigation by Judicial Watch into this treasonous activity by none other than their Democratic 2016 Presidential candidate.  This impeachment petition, now headed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is based on the lies and rantings of political leaders who no longer are competent to represent their constituents effectively and should be asked to withdraw this petition and step down from their office.