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Petition Against Eritrean Government’s deceptive Festival in Seattle, Washington

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We, The undersigned, United Eritreans in the state of Washington, are writing this petition  in order to  stop the  upcoming Eritrean government’s glamorous Festival, scheduled for August 11-13, 2017, in Seattle, Washington,

This Festival is organized by the Eritrean Embassy in Washington D.C, and according to their local organizer, it is expected to host approximately 20,000-30,000. attendees

The purpose of this Festival is for the following reasons:

For the Eritrean government, through subtle coercion and intimidation, to gather a big number of pseudo Eritrean government’s political supporters from all over America and beyond, and by making great video opps, to mislead the Eritrean people and the rest of the world that, Eritreans in the Diaspora, are on their side, politically, when indeed, approx. 85% of the Eritreans in the Diaspora are opposed to  the Eritrean government.
The Second purpose of holding such a big Festival is for quick money making scheme. 
The other purpose of the Festival is to bring together and energize its few gullible supporters to maintain a network of association in order to control and intimidate Eritreans in the Diaspora. Equally important to note is that the big money generated from different programs of the Festival  will  be used for the perpetuation of the slavery of our youth, and terrorization of the Eritrean people by the heinous regime.  
The Eritrean Government, with Isayas Afeworki, at the helm, and handful conspirators, defiantly grabbed the power upon Independence Day, May 24th, 1991, by betraying their promise to their martyred friends and by losing the Trust of the Eritrean Nation, have destroyed the country socio-economically, and politically beyond repair. The Regime is now under the UN sanction (Resolution 2111) and it is watched by the UN and the Security Council for its vicious Human Rights Violations on its own citizens and for its support of terrorist organizations around the world Eritrea is yet without National Constitution. Neither does it have any parliamentary elections, nor any judiciary system in place.

That’s why we are vehemently opposed to the Eritrean government’s Festival, scheduled for August 11-13th, 2017, in Seattle, and we strongly urge you sign this Petition, for Humanitarian and Ethical reasons.

 Thank you.


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