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Petitioning Ed Block Courage Award Foundation Sam Lamantia, CEO

Petition Against Awarding Michael Vick the Ed Block Courage Award

The Ed Block Foundation is dedicated to promoting awareness and assisting in the prevention of child abuse.  That objective is combined with the Foundation's commitment to celebrating players of inspiration in the NFL.  Each year, every NFL team votes for one of its players to receive the Ed Block Courage Award.  It is considered to be one of the most prestigious awards in the NFL, and heralds the winner as an example of inspiration, spirit, and bravery.

This year, the Philadelphia Eagles have voted Michael Vick as their recipient of the Courage Award. For several years Vick promoted and financed barbaric dogfighting activities and was convicted in 2007 of felony dogfighting charges.  Reports of the investigation revealed the heinous torture, abuse, and murder Vick himself imposed upon innocent dogs.  His reinstatement to the NFL was unprincipled in and of itself; giving Vick the Courage Award is another attempt to diminish his atrocities and weaken the public memory of his brutal behavior.

In no way does Michael Vick represent courage and inspiration. Rather, he exemplifies cruelty and inhumanity, and is not deserving of reward or recognition.  We the undersigned strongly encourage the Ed Block Foundation to demonstrate the true substance of bravery, morals, and ethics.  Deny Michael Vick the honor of the Courage Award. 


Letter to
Ed Block Courage Award Foundation Sam Lamantia, CEO
Recently the Philadelphia Eagles have elected Michael Vick as their recipient for this year's Courage Award. Given Mr. Vick's crimes and felony conviction, we do not believe he is worthy of this honor. For several years, in addition to promoting dogfighting, Vick himself tortured, abused, and murdered innocent dogs for his own profit and apparent enjoyment. This is not courage. This is inhumanity, immorality, and sheer brutality and does not warrant giving Vick this or any other reward.

Many of us have protested Vick's reinstatement to the NFL. There has been strong media and PR influence in trying to diminish his past actions and erase the public's memory of his sadistic behavior. We encourage you to stand up for the rights of animals everywhere and the memory of the dogs who endured Vick's cruelty. Please do the right thing and deny Michael Vick the Courage Award.


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