Let's stand for National Pride

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Aye Captain ,my soldier .. You stood by them ..you secured them by standing on the borders ,you didn't bother for how many days you were away from your home  to save the homes of them all .

Your wife , your better half stood steadfast like a rock, always by you ,when she delivered your child alone ,when she took care of home and your elderly parents 

Only to know one day someone with a perverted mind will take this all away ..to project your wife as a lustful ,someone who thinks entertaiment has no responsibilty ,someone  who only to add more millions to her wealth will portray  an army wife as some one who in her fantasy tears her husband's  uniform just to fulfill her lust .

Disgusting ,deteriorating and dangerous is what this trend is . Exceptions are there ,might be adultry too ,but none of them,even in her wildest dreams and even with the most perverted mind ,will reach to the extent to tear the prized uniform and insult it. Had Ekta kapoor, her writers, the crew, the directors, and actors all lost their minds while making her web series? I am sure they had. 

But I as an army wife and our group of  army wives will not allow this . We are not to used as tools for audiences. Ekta kapoor can not realize our hardships  and she has no right to make a mockery of us.

So let us as women , as the wives of soldiers stand against her and her whole crew  so that no one in the future tries to malign this uniform which is not just a soldier's pride but a Nation's Pride .

Sign if you believe in the cause like I do .

Jai Hind .Namak ,Nishan ,Nishta aur Garv