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Interest in the synthesis: President Donald Trump should not have signed the decree to temporarily stop legal immigration. Please don't spread! We need attention! Because (these cases go through a rigorous medical examination before entering the United States). These cases can be quarantined after entering the United States. The government is considering reopening the economy while paralyzing legal immigration. Contradictory! Let's remember that COVID 19 did not start in Cuba and that the United States is currently the country with the highest number of infected people. Legal immigration is the one that always suffers the consequences ...! If President Donald Trump reopens the economy, we also ask that you resume all legal immigration processes. Don't spread it any further! (The documents expire in 6 months). We want our children to come home in times of staying home. No more extensions! Please suspend the decree for so many suffering families! We are citizens and residents who respect the legal way of reuniting with the family. We have the legal right to update and resume our family reunification cases. Don't Extend deleting the decree is best for everyone!  

We are separated by many years for the President to add more time. President Donald Trump has immigrant blood running through his veins and his First Lady Melania Trump has immigrant blood. Why do the most innocent always pay the consequences?

We understand the difficult situation that the United States and the world are going through. We know that everything is paralyzed for obvious reasons. From April that the interviews to January were paralyzed, they are 9 months of a new delay that will add to the 16 months of delay that the American embassy in Guyana also presented, before the declaration of the pandemic by COVID19 appeared. Until then they will add 25 months of delay. Therefore, we ask that when everything returns to normal, increase the executive staff of the United States Embassy in Guyana, or better yet; (We request the reopening of the SINA, Interests Section of the United States of America in Havana Cuba, where they can process and update the processes through the Internet).

This decree is affecting petitioners and beneficiaries from many countries that migrate legally and orderly. For them it is also our claim! No more decree!

(It's good to remember, too, that the toughest jobs in the United States are done by immigrants.)

A cordial greeting!