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Oppose Construction of 45 Metre Radiation Tower and Find Alternative Solution.

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nbn Co is proposing to construct a 45 metre monopole, with 2 (two) panel antennas and a dish antenna, in Buxton. Adjacent to the pole will be associated radio equipment, housed in cabinets near the pole.

We oppose this proposed construction based on the following facts:

  1. The community is concerned about the levels of radiation that will be emitted from such a construction. The proposed Electric Field is 1.79 with a Power Density of 8.51, which is believed to be responsible for many cases of cancer, headaches and drowsiness.
  2. Once installed, there is no stopping an application to upgrade to even more powerful emitters of radiation waves.
  3. The Pole will be an eyesore to the beautiful tree-lined horizon and is not suitable nor appropriate to be located in the heart of a rural and semi-rural community.
  4. Property values will be adversely affected by such an installation as more and more people become aware of the dangers of such powerful, radio-emitting devices.
  5. Wireless nbn performance is dependent on various factors to work properly and can be impacted by issues, such as poor weather conditions and network congestion.
  6. Reports from those who are already connected to wireless nbn have been scathing and highly critical of the reliability of the service, including consistently slower speeds than ADSL2+. Complaints to the Telecommunications Ombudsman have significantly increased since the roll out of the NBN network.

We propose the following alternative solutions:

a) Extend the hardline nbn throughout all of Buxton so that all residents can enjoy being connected reliably to the service, or;

b) Do not install any wireless nbn infrastructure beyond the hard-line installation and leave the remaining residents to enjoy the existing, safe and reliable ADSL2+ copper network, or;

b) As an absolute last resort, if a Pole absolutely must be erected we respectfully ask for consideration instead to move the Pole several kilometers inside Bargo State National Park nearby, or similar away from housing, which already accommodates such antennae and electricity pylons and would also render the community safe, healthy and with accurate property values, whilst maintaining and accomplishing the stated goals of fast, safe internet delivery.

We have families and children. We value our health and love the rural atmosphere of the village. We may not know the full effects on our health until years from now.

Please get behind this petition and STOP this unfair and ill-conceived proposal from becoming a reality. It will never come down once it is erected.

Your ability to access reliable internet, your wealth and above all else your health, is depending upon your voice. Please act now and sign the petition today.

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