Save The Only Hindu Temple in Watford


Save The Only Hindu Temple in Watford

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Prashanth Elangovan started this petition to Peter Taylor Mayor of Watford and

The only Hindu Temple in Watford serving the local Hindu community is about to be shut down by the Watford Borough Council.

This minority Hindu community in Watford needs their Temple to practice their faith, worship, congregate and to come to the Temple for their festivals, celebrations, and important religious ceremonies that are essential to their everyday lives.

The Temple has been given a deadline to vacate the Watford Borough Council owned premises, without the Temple having an alternative place to move into.

The Mayor of Watford, Peter Taylor was contacted, explaining to him the importance of this Temple and its services to the local Hindu Community, and requesting his help.

Our MP Dean Russel has been very supportive and even personally requested the Mayor, in writing, to help the Hindu Community of Watford with this Temple.

Despite all this, a letter of eviction has been issued to the Temple, with a deadline to vacate on the 17th of September, this month, with a warning that the council will change the locks and take over the property with no further lenience.

There has been no response, as of now, from Peter Taylor the Mayor, for any of the requests from the Temple Trustees or MP Dean Russell’s letter.

See for yourself what some of the Trustees and the temple devotees have to say in the video.

Closing this Temple will severely affect the Local Hindu Community in Watford, who depend on it for their faith and wellbeing especially during these difficult times.

The Hindus in Watford need your help and Support. Help keep the only Hindu Temple in Watford Open.

Please support this petition, requesting Peter Taylor, the Mayor of Watford, to allow this temple to continue its operations serving the Hindus, until a suitable place is found for its relocation.

Letter addressed to Peter Taylor, the Mayor of Watford by the Temple Trustees:

Letter addreseed to Peter Taylor by MP Dean Russell:

Notice of Eviction from the Watford Borough Council:


This petition made change with 13,366 supporters!

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