#HTGAWM continuation season 7

#HTGAWM continuation season 7

2 April 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Valencia Santos

It is with great sadness to see beautiful series come to an end. This petition is designed or created to reach fans, producers, screen play writers, the creator, actors and actresses and media powerhouse to create more seasons and episodes of how to get away with murder. 

We are honestly hooked and not ready to say goodbye. We're intrigued with the talent, story telling, the twist and power of justice law. What is exposed in the series is something that happens a lot in the world, for example, having innocent people convicted for crimes they haven't committed. Serving more jail time than what they actually deserve. 

This show gives us the true legal representation that is so powerful and makes justice seem to be a piece of cake because of determined proffesor, who discovers hidden agenda of those who are in power and who do shaddy business. 

The more everyone is exposed the more you realize there is more to freedom. We see people given second chance at life and we see rich powerful people going down some they will do anything with their power to eliminate those against them.

It is with an honor to request more seasons and episodes because it feels like there's more to be told. Mostly we are not yet ready to let go of HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER!!


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Signatures: 94Next Goal: 100
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