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To relieve The Honourable Dr. Peter Philips, Minister of Finance and Planning from office, and to appoint a new Minister who is more fiscally responsible and conservative.

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Dear Madam Prime Minister,

We the people are suffering. The recent announcement by the Hon.Dr. peter 

Phillips about the now looming tax on our bank accounts has left us in a state of 

dismay and we dare say shock, Jamaica is no longer a country where the layman may make his bed by paying his honest due and do his duty by his country without first having to jump through countless loops, now added to that is the ever increasing taxes, first basic food items, then on transportation, electricity, phone calls and now on our very bank accounts. 


 Owners of small businesses and their staff have already seen where the 

current way of doing business in Jamaica is almost not worth the struggle when you have greater opportunities and incentives to do business in countries like Cayman and Antigua, than to do business in the nation where we were born and raised. The announcement by the minister is one that could not come at a worse time for Jamaicans who are already under strain from various student loans, mortgages and just plain old living expenses. 


 This move by the minister will be the obliteration of the middle class, and a 

clear anti-commercial and capitalist move by the Government of Jamaica as you will be demoting the use of electronic payment methods sending us back to the time where physical cash is the way business is done by Jamaicans. The middle class 

and the rich will simply use offshore banks and refuse to do any banking in Jamaica so as to not have to pay any of the proposed taxes your minister has tabled, it is becoming clearer and clearer that the minister is going to do more harm than good for the people of Jamaica and the People’s National Party should he retain office. 


 We now approach you, Madam Prime Minister; calling you to action. We 

demand that you relieve The Honourable Dr. Peter Philips, the Minister of Finance and Planning from office. After which, you must appoint someone who is fiscally conservative, and who will cut Government spending which will enable tax relief. This tax relief, will greatly ease the suffering of the nation, and allow the economy to thrive.

Failing this call to action, will result in an indefinite boycott of every financial institution and a peaceful demonstration in front of your office. The people of Jamaica demand your swift and timely response to this letter and the ministers recent actions, we are your loyal supports and your staunch political critics, we are your “children” whom you promised to protect in times of dire straits, when you uttered those immortal words’ Me no ‘fraid a no man, no gyal, no where!”. 


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