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Vote Peter Palumbo out of office, or have him resign.

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     Peter Palumbo, a member of the Rhode Island House of Representatives, has publicly supported ignoring the constitution and posting religious prayers in public schools, and has taunted sixteen year-old student Jessica Alquist, the plaintiff in a case to fight the illegal practice.
     A banner with a prayer to a "heavenly father" ending in "amen" has rightly been ruled unconstitutional in court on the grounds of violating the separation of church and state.
     Peter Palumbo has said in an interview on 99.7 WPRO, ( a Rhode Island news radio station that if the city of Cranston does not challenge the case that the prayer banner be removed from Cranston West High School he will fight it, which could further waste tax payer money to appeal to have the banner kept hanging in the public high school.
     The ACLU filed the case because the school refused to remove the banner after an anonymous Cranston citizen asked it to be removed. Because of Jessica's previous interest in the school board's decision in removing the banner the ACLU asked Jessica if she would be the plaintiff for the case against the school. During the interview with WPRO, Peter Palumbo called Jessica, an "evil little thing" and a "pawn-star" saying she is being "trained" by "evil people", also claiming that she will "ask for money" from the city.
     This sort of behavior; supporting religious dogma above the U.S. constitution, potentially wasting taxpayer money to support the illegal practice of posting religious prayers in public schools, and slandering members of the community, is unacceptable of a public official, and Peter G. Palumbo should be voted for removal from office, or should honorably resign from his position.
    In order to vote him out of office, we must gain the support of voters in the Cranston Rhode Island area, and show them that there are people outside of Rhode Island that want Palumbo removed from office.

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