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Refuse Jawar Mohammed Entry Into Australia!

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The Honorable Mr Peter Dutton

MP Parliament House

Ministerial Office

Minister for Immigration and Border Protection

Dear Minister,

We are writing to you regarding an extremist political activist linked to the deaths of hundreds of civilians, Jawar Mohammed, who is due to arrive in Australia to solicit support from Oromos on ‪December 8, 2019‬.

Recent reforms in Ethiopia have the semblance of democratic changes. However, sporadic waves of ethnic violence in different parts of the country are intensifying and destabilising the already fragile nation.

On October 23 and 24, 2019 attacks on civilians and ethnic-cleansing of non-Oromo people instigated by Jawar Mohammed and his radical Oromo youth organized as ‘Qerroo’ in the Oromia regions have caused the death of 86 citizens. Mainly Christians and non-Oromo people were targeted and brutally attacked, beheaded and stoned to death. Hundreds have sustained life threatening injuries and fled their residences to Churches in the towns of Robi, Adaba, Dodola, Kofele, Adama, Harar, Mojo and Sebeta of Oromia regions. Christian women were raped, killed and dismembered.

Ethiopia had been under relentless attacks directly and indirectly by Islamist extremist organisations from the Middle Eastern countries and the neighbouring Somalia. Backed by these extremist organisations, Mr Jawar Mohammed, an American citizen of Ethiopian descent from Minnesota, uses his Oromia Media Network (OMN), Oromo Liberation Front (OLF)mercenaries and social media platforms to preach hate and incite religious and ethnic conflicts in Ethiopia. His remarks to incite ethnic genocide and religious conflicts are well documented and we can produce evidences of him giving a speech to Muslim Oromo community in the diaspora instructing Muslims to use machetes against Amhara Christians. The video is accessible to the public on YouTube.

Australia is a country that does not allow hate speech to incite violence in any form. Freedom of speech should not permit or incite violence against another group based on identity. To this end, the Australian criminal code strictly prohibits public hate speech that promotes violence and genocide. Furthermore, the Australian Immigration and Refugee Act indicates that individuals who are engaged in an act of violence are inadmissible to Australia. Thus, we beseech the Australian government  to take immediate and decisive actions against Jawar Mohammed from entering Australia and dispensing his hate speech that will incite violence against diverse groups in Ethiopia and result in the mass killings of innocent civilians. Jawar Mohammed is scheduled to come to Melbourne ‪on December 8, 2019‬ under the pretext of fundraising for his movement. We strongly believe that the money that would be raised within Melbourne will be used to further his agenda of promoting ethnic and religious conflicts in Ethiopia. Had the United Nations followed Lieutenant-General Romeo Dallaire’s advice, Rwanda genocide would have been averted. It is our stern belief that Australia will stand by the right side of history by denying an extremist like Jawar a geographical platform in the country. It is also in the best interest of the Australian government to stop extremist individuals like Jawar Mohammed from using resources in Australia to plan and execute ethnic and religious conflicts in other parts of the world.

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Jawar Mohammed is not welcome here. Australia is not, and will not be, the last hope for this violent extremist.

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