Let Chris Brown Into Australia

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Let Chris Brown Into Australia

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Jake Miosge started this petition to Peter Dutton (Minister for Home Affairs) and

Dear Mr. Malcolm Turnbull (Prime Minister) & Mr. Peter Dutton (Minister For Immigration),

First of all we would like to congratulate you on the recent VAW announcement, an important step forwards in making DV a number one priority in Australia. As a country we have been saddened by the recent rise in DV cases of late. We are aware that DV is a current and serious issue in the Australian Community. 

What we are concerned about is your decision to withhold entry from American entertainer Chris Brown. We feel that a lot of politicians and DV activists have an unfair advantage in vocalizing their strong opinion on this topic.  The opposition has no real chance to be heard due to the lack of “power” and “fame”. So we have taken the time out to write this letter to try and encourage you to reconsider your decision not to let Chris Brown into Australia and shed some light on why I, and a lot of other fans around Australia, would greatly appreciate if you would reconsider. 

Chris Brown is a talented musician and while his music is well recognised, he himself is not; especially in Australia. The only piece of information a lot people know about him is his troubled past and history of assault in 2009. In no way shape or form are we condoning or excusing his actions. We can all agree he was wrong and even Chris has admitted to this himself. He has shown an abundance of remorse. But here we are 7 years later, still on the same topic. It’s time we move forward. Perhaps even try to make a positive example of this situation.

Banning Chris Brown from entering Australia to tour his music makes no sense.

Here are some facts that you may not have known about Chris; 

Chris Brown started his own charity foundation in 2012, Symphonic Love.  Symphonic Love Foundation supports and creates arts programs for youth while encouraging every day public service, respect and kindness. Symphonic Love believes in the capacity of love and art to change the world. Since 2012, Chris, his team and his fans have joined forces and participated in numerous charity events raising funds and awareness for many different causes. One project included Chris spending time at the Jenesse Center Domestic Violence Intervention Program, where Chris got to spend time with the connected community, speaking about his experience and having fun creating art together. 

Chris Brown is not an advocate for DV. He has invested his own personal time into trying to help others involved similar cases.  In fact, he is a great example of how people can change their life around and use their experiences to help the community. 

All this focus on his personal life has taken away from the REAL reason he is as well known, as he is today, his music. This tour and his request for entry into the country is about his music. His personal life should not be used as a weapon against him. He has an abundance of fans who love and appreciate him as a talented music artist and are desperate to see him perform. He has had contributed immensely to the music and entertainment industry. 

Chris made a mistake 7 years ago at the young age of 19. He has served his time and paid his dues for his crimes. The American Justice system has taken upon matters appropriately and have moved on; and quite frankly so should we. 

Chris has now matured and moved forward with his life with the help and support from his fans, family, friends and professionals. He has amended his “character” and should no longer be judged on his past. He is now a loving and caring father to a beautiful little girl named Royalty. As a father, with a daughter I know Chris would want nothing but the best for his little girl. Including for her to be safe and protected. And he too would agree with the effort of the Australian government to crack down on DVAW. 

But please don’t use a political campaign to deny him the right to enter the country, or as a ploy to gain votes and approval from fellow politicians for the next election.

Chris has been granted entry into Australia numerous times since 2009, with no issue. During his time in Australia he has displayed exemplary character and behaviour. Most importantly he has provided immense joy to hundreds of thousands of fans nation wide. 

On behalf of all the Chris Brown fans (Team Breezy) in Australia and worldwide, we beg of you to allow Chris Brown entry into the country and welcome him to our beautiful home. There are so many positive aspects that have been overlooked. Why not used his presence as a positive step towards the campaign and in the words of the late prime minsters lets work on “moving forward.”.


Yours truly,

Chris Brown Fan’s of Australia 

Here is a link to Chris Brown’s Charity Symphonic Love: 

http:// symphoniclovefoundation.org/news


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This petition had 4,616 supporters