Help Hitesh and family stay SAFE in Australia

Help Hitesh and family stay SAFE in Australia

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Meet Hitesh, a kind respectable man with a gentleman’s heart.

Hitesh was born in India, and moved to Australia 11 years ago with his wife. The pair have since had a beautiful son, who is now 7 years old.

Hitesh speaks English clearly and fluently, is a hard and reliable frontline worker in aged care services – looking after senior’s wellbeing during the current pandemic and beyond. He is a gentle and generous soul, and does whatever he can to make the life of those around him better.

Hitesh and his family have integrated into society on a phenomenal level, making friends with everyday Aussies, and contributing wherever they can.

To satisfy Australian government visa requirements, Hitesh has completed extensive education and training, including a Diploma in Community Welfare Work, A Diploma in Community Services (Alcohol Other Drugs and Mental Health), a Bachelor of Accounting, and Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management.

As a part of his study requirements of Diploma In Community Welfare Work, he had to complete placements. One of the organizations offered him an opportunity work as soon as he finished his placement. Since then he has been working for the same organization since 9 years. His wife also works in an aged care as an environment service worker.

With all costs included, he has spent over $100,000 to remain in Australia so far – which puts further restrictions on his family to succeed and reach financial comfort. Their lives have been put on hold for 11 years, and we say, this is unfair.

Further to the above restrictions, while on their student visas they are only allowed to work 40 hours a fortnight, while also paying for all medical costs, their sons schooling fees, visa application fees, and everyday costs we all encounter. There are no subsidies like that of a citizen he can claim.

We want the Australian public to know what our government does to those who are genuine contributors to society, paying huge visa fees, higher medical and education costs and higher taxes.

As their son was born in Australia, in 3 years’ time he will be able to become a citizen – however his parents don’t have the same luxury due to them being over a certain age.

To remain in Australia after this is achieved, each parent would need to pay $50,000 to become ‘supportive parents’ – this does not mean they would have the same rights as citizenship or permanent residency as their son.

The beautiful family unit will have to leave their home in Australia, uprooting their son to a land unfamiliar, back to India in late 2020.

To return to India the family will have to bare the inflated cost of international travel and quarantine restriction during this time of pandemic. The family would like to remain in Australia as they now call it their home, and with the current pandemic crisis they would feel unsafe returning from Australia.

It all boils down to age, with Hitesh now reaching 48. Age discrimination is unethical. Remaining in Australia should not be exclusive to the wealthy

Time is running out. Have your say that Hitesh and his family should be granted citizenship, or permanent residency.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!
At 25,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!