Children's father abroad

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So in 2012 I met a man who would go on to be my sole mate and my children's father in 2014, our spouse visa was declined due to not being "genuine" enough, I than followed my husband to new Zealand than Malaysia back to Australia than I got amazing news in 2016 I was pregnant with TWINS my husband was allowed to stay in Australia until The birth of the twins than had to return home to Malaysia after immigration retained him in a detention centre for 6 weeks when my TWINS were only 4 months old I was left to raise twins alone, due to airline requirements I was not allowed to travel overseas until the twins reached 12 months old, eventually I travelled to overseas and stayed 9 months with him until I was pregnant with my daughter due to the condition of the hospital and the higher risk of SIDS and my risk of premature labour again, I made the difficult decision to fly myself and my twins back to Australia,we were both heart broken and don't understand why because of not enough information in previous spouse visa we have to live separately and sadly my husband has not met his daughter, we are in the process of applying for his visa again to return to Australia but need your support to be able to live in a family of 5 together and my husband as the main income earner, can you take a few minutes to sign my petition thankyou.