Deport Zhenbo Gao for torturing and killing an echidna

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Zhenbo Gao is an International university student from China who is currently studying at Griffith University - Nathan Campus.

In May 2018 he threw football sized rocks at a young adult echidna, before throwing it off a 2-storey tall bridge. The post-mortem investigation showed the injuries sustained by the animal would have meant that it suffered stress and extreme pain before it died. Mr Gao admitted in court that he did this to the native Australian animal, arguing that he was 'curious' to see if it would survive the fall. He has also admitted to collecting and 'studying' other Australian wildlife such as lizards. 

He has been convicted and sentenced to do community service and banned from keeping animals. This sentence is not sufficient. He should not be afforded the privilege of studying and living in Australia if he is not willing to show care and respect to our Australian wildlife.

Minister Coleman, please use your executive powers to have Mr Gao deported. We should not be seen to support or encourage the torture of any animal, and particularly our native Australian wildlife of which we are so proud of.