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Deport Mohamed El-Mouelhy from Australia !

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Mohamed El-Mouelhy, CEO of Halal Certification Authority Australia, has made extremely Un-Australian, derogatory and inflammatory written remarks concerning the virility of Australian men, requiring Australian women to be "fertilised" by Islamic men, thus ensuring the demise of Western culture, in favour of Moslem replacements !

Mr El-Mouelhy further suggested in his written remarks, that "beer swilling, cigarette smoking, drug injecting infidels" had better "go and choose a plot at the local cemetery and if you can't afford it, commit suicide, it is a cheaper option for bigots."

Mr El-Mouelhy further believes that it is the duty of Moslem men to keep western women happy, "surrounded by many Muslim (sic) babies" and also that, "if the country is left to the bigots, the white race will be extinct in another 40 years."

This man is himself the intolerant racist, bigoted and egotistical fanatic, who has now dishonoured his standing in the community and business arenas, with written threats against the Australian people, whom he has made a vast fortune from, with his Halal Certification nonsense !

His credibility is now in question after such distainful remarks, which must also bring into debate; his fitness to remain an Australian Citizen !

Citizenship is a privilege granted to individuals of good character, morals and ethics, something Mr El-Mouelhy had now demonstrated, he is neither !

We ask The Honourable Peter Dutton, Minister for Home Affairs, to immediately investigate Mr El-Mouelhy and his status as an Australian citizen, and if found to be unfit; he should be stripped of his passport and deported at The Department of Immigration's earliest convenience.

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