Amend New Australian Citizenship Bill

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The new citizenship bill is flawed in many aspects as below.

1) It ideally should not be applied retrospectively as we have arrived in the country under the previous laws.

2) I have arrived here with my family under the skilled migrant visa (190) & I have cleared my IELTS (English Language Test) with an average band score of 8. I am employed full time with a large Australian organization and have not been sitting on any centrelink dole. I am contributing to the Australian economy just like any other citizen. Why should I be made to give IELTS again? Have I forgotten English after arriving in an English speaking country & working among Aussies? Yes I have picked up a lot of slang which will definitely not work in an IELTS exam. 

3) I don't mean to boast, but I can certainly guarantee that an average Australian citizen would not be able to get an IELTS score of 7 in the first attempt. Its not that it is tough, but its to do with the time constraints, cost & many more...

I am not the only one thinking on these lines. There are thousands of skilled migrants who feel cheated by this new proposed law. We have arrived in the country with a dream. We have invested here in the housing market with a dream to settle here for good. This to me appears as being discriminated only because of my ethnic background and being made to prove again & again that we can speak & communicate in English! Can some one please explain how many times do we have to do it over our lifetime? Later on probably we will have to prove every 5 yrs or after  every return trip from our home country!

I appreciate the reason behind it but its implementation method is flawed.

Hoping this would be changed to take care of the above.