Public Enquiry into Civil Service use of Hydrogen Sulphide gas and Sleep Deprivation Torture.

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I write to enlighten you that Human Rights abuse by the Civil Services in the U.K. is secretly amongst the worse on our planet. 

Before you read my abbreviated horror story below, it is sobering to be informed that I have had several meetings with Tom Pursglove M.P. who is convinced of these matters and has written to the Secretary of State re. this disgrace and has begun procedure for Public Enquiry.  Previous M.P's. that have supported me during these 8 years include; Phil Sawford, Louise Mench Andy Sawford and now Peter Bone, who has written to the Prime Minister re. this National Disgrace. 

The IPCC have overruled the Police and Directed an Investigation into this matter.  However, the Police are not allowed to investigate their senior Civil Servants.  The Police have refused to even look at the conclusive evidence and continue to refuse to investigate.

That is a formidable list of Authoritative persons who wouldn't be helping if they didn't believe me? 

This petition is to support these efforts and help  to secure a Public Enquiry.


Sleep deprivation torture is used by the Civil Services to cover up their corrupt actions.  It is called “The Crush” and this is how it works;

Once someone is “marked”, the Civil Services are used as a weapon against them by means of anti service and constant deliberate clerical errors from the Services that are supposedly employed to assist us yet alternatively, these are used to pressure you into becoming one of the around 6,500 U.K. suicides per year. Should this not be sufficient to break you, you are provided with housing that is actually a discreet bespoke Hydrogen Sulphide gas chamber for low level long exposure which causes neurological problems.  At some point during this “Crush” you will visit your Doctor regarding the stress resulting from the State bullying or confusion caused by the Hydrogen Sulphide gassing.

The Doctor will suggest that you see a Psychiatrist, who then arranges for you to be treated for psychosis that you don’t have.  The treatment for psychosis is sleep deprivation torture; with the aim to brainwash any memories of the Civil Services corrupt activities.

The perfect cover-up for many years until it has been tried on me, I could not be broken and which has exposed these heinous activities.


Below I explain what has and still is happening to me.

This is a 9-years trail of persecution directed by HMRC of which I only give a précis here.

This began after I found that HMRC had made a clerical error in my address details and consequently served me with a fictitious charge.  I have subsequently beaten HMRC in Court twice re. this matter, nevertheless, they have refused to accept the Court ruling and informed me. "You will be Crushed".

Since which time I have endured covert harassment and been persecuted with anti-service and deliberate clerical errors (very long list) by each and every Civil Service that I have had cause to deal with and which has incrementally reduced my life to a pauper with a full time job responding to corrupt administrative demands. Subsequently, these persecutions have been deliberately perpetuated and exacerbated by the Ombudsmen that are supposedly employed to help with such matters, yet who are in reality, the cover-up department.

After control had been gained over my housing, the Local Council has deliberately gassed me in my own home. Fortunately I survived, but only just.  Following which, I was not admitted to General Hospital for treatment of the poisonous gas, but alternatively I was taken to a high security Psychiatric Hospital and there imprisoned against my will for 15 days and subjected to sleep deprivation torture, accompanied by repeatedly being told that the defective plumbing only existed in my mind!

However, I have a strong constitution and my mind could not be broken.  Now I am fighting back, however, unsurprisingly there is a blanket cover up by each and every Civil Service, which understandably makes my quest a challenging one.  I believe that I am the first person to have survived this heinous activity with brain intact and have information that there have been many before me who didn't and that these inhumane activities are common practice. After a further 6 months of enforced homelessness I have been re homed in another bespoke secret Hydrogen Sulphide gas chamber, however, I'm not being caught with the same trick again and have made this temporarily safe and which is further indisputable evidence of my claims.

Solicitors have identified the activities of the Council as Dereliction of Duty, which is a criminal offence with 10 – 15 years sentence and the activities of the Hospital as False Imprisonment, which is a criminal offence with 15 – 25 years sentence.  Both of which have been committed by directive of HMRC.

After a 9-years battle to secure an investigation into the corrupt activities of HMRC, the “independent” Ombudsman has refused to look at the evidence and refused to investigate!

After 9 months of time-wasting, the “independent” Local Government Ombudsman has also refused to look at the evidence and refused to investigate!

After 12-months of battling for the Police to investigate and also with a Directive from the IPCC 6-months ago, no investigating has happened?

Please could you help raise awareness of this campaign to expose these heinous practices hidden within the Civil Services and put a stop to this?

Thank you.

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