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Stricter regulations and thorough training for PETCO groomers

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My name is Wendy Diamond. You might know me as the Canine Queen and founder of Animal Fair Media. I started Animal Fair to promote animal welfare and healthy pet lifestyles, and it is with that mission in mind that I have gone public about my recent experience with PETCO.

Last April, I took my small dog, Baby Hope, to be groomed at my local PETCO. The simple outing turned into a nightmare when she came back covered in cuts, the worst of which was quite deep, under her chin. I sent an email to the groomer and he denied any wrongdoing. But the vet confirmed that there was no way Baby Hope could have physically done this to herself. The PETCO store manager eventually offered to refund the grooming and reimburse me for my vet bills. I appreciate their willingness to make things right, but I think PETCO, as a company, could do a lot more to ensure that injuries like these don’t happen in the first place.

Unbelievably, no state requires groomers to be licensed. So it’s up to companies like PETCO, one of America’s largest pet store chains, to do the responsible thing and implement  a new, fully transparent groomer training program, providing them with certificates and holding them accountable when they injure our loved ones.

PETCO has been no stranger to this kind of controversy. A quick Google search will reveal dozens, if not more, PETCO grooming horror stories, some with much worse endings than mine. But when they learn of a problem, they always take steps to make it right. I am hoping they will do the same now.

When you take your kids to the hair salon, you can trust they are in the hands of a licensed professional -- someone who has gone through thorough training and knows how to use their tools effectively and safely. For many of us, our dogs and cats are our babies, and we should have the same peace of mind knowing that they will be well taken care-of at the groomers’.

Please join and share our petition to everyone so no dog has to endure the pain and suffering as my adorable Baby Hope experienced!

Animal Fair is petitioning PETCO to make impactful, fully transparent changes in their groomer training and licensing practices. We don't want to see another dog hurt by a careless groomer!

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