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Petco: Stop selling baby bettas!

Hi, I'm Sailor and I am fourteen years old. The other day, the second betta fish I’ve had in a month passed away. I was wondering why….I did everything my manual said to do, cleaned the water regularly, fed them every day, etc. My mother also thought it was suspicious, so she and I decided to do some research. What we found was shocking.
The fish I had were baby bettas, which I bought because they were adorable and the sign above them said that they were great first pets for kids. They fail to mention the special needs that these baby fish require. Probably one of the main factors in their death was that the pellets sold by Petco are much too big for babies, and if they try to eat them they can become bloated, stunted from improper nutrition, and/or have tooth damage from trying to eat them at such a young age. First Bites for these babies to eat are sold, but customers are not told that this is the only thing the babies can eat, and most will walk right by the packets (as I did). The tanks recommended for customers are too small - they're too small for adults, so obviously much too small for growing fry - and no heaters or filters are recommended. Most of the babies are females, who will not grow up to be a beautiful, colorful fish as described.
These fish are incredibly fragile during this time in their life. Selling them is cruel, and causes unnecessary loss of life for profit.

In short, the baby bettas you are selling are far too fragile at that stage of their life. They should still be in growth tanks on frozen or live food, yet you do not inform customers about any of this. Baby bettas should only be purchased by experienced owners, and you are advertising them to be suitable for inexperienced children. Please stop selling these delicate, high maintenance fry to an uneducated general public.

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